1932 Triolian

This is my first attempt at a Style B frosted duco Triolian. When I got this guitar, it had been refinished in a walnut burst. And not particularly well. It was a perfect candidate for a new refinish. So it was time to try a Style B finish. All of the elements of the “B” are here in this refinish, but the lighter areas of the crystal pattern are gold rather than the “sort of” yellow color in the originals. Serendipity kicked in. It came out too cool to rework, so it lives on as it is. At National Reso-Phonic they call this color “Root Beer”, I call it “Espresso”. This guitar has the original all steel body and coverplate. It has the original maple neck and a new Ivoriod bound, ebony fretboard. The cone and tailpiece are era correct and the tuners are the new Stew Mac vintage style three-on-a-plate. This is one cool B•FanaticGuitarworks’ frosted duco finish. I also did a new guitar like this for National Reso-Phonic. Keep an eye out for the Dueco Artist Series for more Style B Triolians. I am getting better at this with every guitar.