1936 Gray Duolian

This guitar is from around 1936-37. It is refinished in what I call gray. Because I used less metallic material in the lacquer than I usually do. This guitar was a test gone right! I was experimenting with a different lacquer mix and color and this result appeared. As happens many times with crystal finishes, when I tried to apply it several times after this one, each was a complete disaster. Fortunately, this one was saved. The thing about it is the big, open, loopy, crystal flowers that formed on the back. To me, these were very reminiscent of the patterns seen on many of the beautifully finished Duolians from 1931 to 1935.

It has a steel body and coverplate. For some reason the coverplate on this one was drilled at the factory to be mounted upside-down. It has an original cone, replacement tailpiece and tuners. The neck is basswood with an original, 25″ scale, “Red Bean” fretboard. All of this, with a cool, vintage style B•Fanatic Guitarworks frosted duco finish.