Working with Marc Schoenberger

Marc Schoenberger and I started doing restoration projects together around 2008. He is well know as one of the main guys for repairing and restoring resonator guitars. He worked at National Reso-phonic for a number of years and since starting his own resonator guitar repair business, he has had many significant, historical, Nationals and Dobros come across his workbench. As a result, Marc has a very informed perspective on the history and mechanics of these guitars.

Marc caught me at a good time. Although I had been putting my crystal finish on National Reso-phonic “Duco Delphi” guitars for some time, in conjunction with National, we had developed a unique process for the application of the crystal paint on that model. That process did not lend itself to doing restoration work. Which has always been my ultimate goal. So I was working on that separately. I had been improving my process for applying my finish on vintage National bodies and when Marc called. I was ready and it was the perfect time to show someone what I could do. Who better than Marc. And so it began. Since then, Marc has been a great friend and a wealth of knowledge. These projects I do with him alway prove to be interesting and I look forward to each one.