1937 Gold Duolian

I think this 14-fret Duolian is from around 1937. Most of the steel body Nationals with this headstock are Triolians (with a bound fretboard). This one had an unbound, rosewood fretboard, so I’d say it’s a Duolian. It came to me with a black sparkle refinish. When I pulled the neck off of this guitar, I could see remnants of its original paint and I could tell that it had left the factory with a woodgrain finish. It has an all steel body and late style, non-ribbed coverplate. The fretboard was a mess and needed to be replaced. I made a new rosewood, 25″ scale board, and installed a non-adjustable steel truss rod while the fretboard was off. I also refinished the original basswood neck. It has its original cone and tailpiece with modern-vintage style replacement tuners that complete the package and it now sports a lightly bursted gold B•Fanatic Guitarworks’ frosted duco style finish.