Gold Duolian 3

Actually, this is technically a Triolian. But it got refinished like a gold Duolian.

This guitar was in need of a refinish. The body. The neck. The whole thing needed it. But, the most disappointing thing about it was the condition of the cool black “plastic” headstock overlay with the white “National” cut into it. I really like the look of these, and they are not particularly common. This one was rough. I mean rough! Rough enough that I thought the only way to do a nice restoration on this guitar would be to remove the overlay and refinish the face of the headstock with a burst and a decal like typical Duolians/Triolians. I don’t think anyone would be able to tell and the customer really didn’t care. But I cared, so I went at it. It was dull, dirty and the “National” was almost illegible. Looks better now!

The neck got a nice nitrocellulose burst finish. The body and coverplate got a classic application of gold frosted duco. Plus the tailpiece got a gold frosted duco finish!

Looks like a gold Duolian (with a bound fretboard).