Steel Tricone Custom

Here is a wild finish on a steel Tricone body. It is based on the vintage “B” Series finish that National used for a very short time in the mid-30s. In the end, it really looks nothing like the originals. The crystals are so unusual and amazing. The shapes are more like bird feathers than other crystals I have done. The lines on the back are all arching, with delicate brush shapes and crystal flowers. The contrast of the gold and brown is perfect. Rich and warm.

The body is complemented with a warm-tone, gloss finished mahogany neck. The fretboard is ebony accented with elegant MOP diamond inlays. A black headstock overlay with white edges and the pearl National shield finishes it off. Also, the coverplate screws are my new reproduction of the original low-dome, slothead, plated brass, machine screws used on the vintage Nationals from the 30s.