“B” Guitars Duolian

I just had to try it. Here’s my handcrafted steel body, 12-fret, slothead, resonator guitar. I built this guitar back in the mid 90’s. Boy, have I learned a lot about resonator guitars since I built this one. The body is butt-welded (MIG), and that sure does put a ton of heat into the steel. So it is not exactly without ripples. It also makes for sharper corners than typical. A lot of weld grinding had to be done and it is grinding with a power grinder, not filing like you can do with hand tools when you solder. When I made this, I had no clue how to paint a frosted duco finish, so it was originally a textured green paint (I recall using automotive undercoating as the texture). I refinished it in the gray frosted duco a couple of years ago. Now it looks more like what I intended. I would like to try this again sometime, but solder the body and not weld it. It has a mahogany neck, ebony fretboard and headlock overlay. The scale is 24.75″