Frosted Duco Les Paul

Okay, I had to try it. Applying this finish on wood is very different from applying on steel. The crystals growth is just not the same on wood. The crystals tend to be limited in size. But it was time to start figuring out how to change that. So I had this 80′s-90′s Gibson body that someone had messed with. The hard maple top seemed like a good candidate for frosted duco (as opposed to the mahogany used on the rest of the guitar). Maple is very smooth with much less porosity to the grain than most tonewoods. I cleaned it up, put new binding on it. And made a “fat”, I mean “fat” replacement neck (with a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard). Then I did some finish testing. The result is this frosted duco, “gold top”. Could I do it again? Yes. Do I want to do it again? Maybe not?