1936 Dobro M35

I’m really not sure what year this fiddle edge Dobro was made. It came to me with a broken neck which did not include the headstock. Without the headstock, it’s kind of tough to know what year it was manufactured. With these guitars it is pretty tough anyway.

The body and coverplate did not have their original finish. So, this guitar needed a refinish and a new neck. The body has the segmented f-holes that are typical of the Regal built fiddle edges. It is a less common style and looks really great with the unusual, and not particularly common, Regal style coverplate. It all comes together nicely with a new silver and gold burst, frosted duco finish that is modeled after one of the original finishes found on these Regal built Dobros. The neck was made from mahogany to a 1935 spec with a slotted headstock. The fretboard is unbound ebony, instead of the typical rosewood fretboard found on the originals. Done at the request of my client. The ebony was a nice touch. The neck is finished in a dark bursted nitrocellulose lacquer.

The guitar has its original lugged cone and offset spider bridge. The tailpiece is original and the tuners are new Stew-Mac vintage style, three-on-a-plate.