B Guitars 00000-14

This is “Big Bertha”– I have always been fascinated with Larson Brothers guitars. One in particular is that big-ass, monster, 20″ lower bout, model. So this is my handcrafted take on that instrument. Not quite as large (18” lower bout), but big and curvy all the same. The body is mahogany and the top is sitka spruce. I braced the top with extra tall, narrow bracing and didn’t over thin the top. Just based on the size, I expected a boomy, overly bassy result. Instead I got a fairly balanced grand piano. This is a crazy guitar to play, because it is so damn big (imagine what those big Larsons are like to play), but it is fun and it really fills a room with sound. I’m going to built some more of these. I have a body of sitka and indian rosewood started. Just got to make a neck for it.